Doterra Essential Oils

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I strive to offer my patients the best when it comes to preventative heath care. In my search I was blessed to be introduced to Doterra Essential Oils. Doterra means gift of the earth. Essential oils are not new. They have been around for centuries.

The quality of the production and purity of this company has made me a believer.

The extensive research and testing that has been applied to these oils makes them, in my opinion, the best on the market today.  Oils of this quality can be applied topically, used aromatically, and many ingested internally. These oils are the natural substances that most pharmaceutical drugs originally were designed after. There is power in the purity and essence of these plant substances. When you smell the amazing aroma and feel the oils that easily absorb into your skin you are forever changed. I don’t say this lightly. Experience Doterra oils and you will see why it is one of the fastest growing companies worldwide.  I have seen so many remarkable miracles happen in my office when I apply these oils to my patients.  We have oils for pain, for relaxation, hormone balancing, non-toxic cleaning, illness prevention, and cooking! The hundreds of ways to use oils will amaze you. We are going back to the basic foundation of natural, preventative healthcare and YOU can get involved.

Join me and my husband Andy in my office at 7pm every Tuesday night for meetings. Call ahead and let us know you will be there! We look forward to introducing you to the most life changing experience. If you are really tired of doing what you do from 9-5 and want a lifestyle change you can start your own business and we will walk you through every step of the process to help you win! This business will allow you to effect others lives with renewed health and transform your world in the process. 

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