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"I started seeing Dr. Mary six weeks after I had an accident on my quad. I had a compression fracture in my back, and I was diagnosed with missing 6 months of work. After my first visit Dr. Mary started me on the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field machine and light adjustments twice a week. I saw her the next two months and I was able to go back to work after only three months. I give Dr. Mary all the credit for getting me back to work early, a full recovery and feeling great today. Because of her my back is 100%. I haven’t missed work because of it since. Everybody needs Dr. Mary." 

Bob W.

"I walked in as a stranger concerned about my health as I had a headache going on for 3 months. I left Dr. Mary’s chiropractic office in Sparks knowing I now had a lifelong family friend who would have not only my best interest , but the best interest of my entire family. When you need her--she is there!" 

Lauren T.

"For over 3 years I've battled an injury suffered in a car crash that injured my spine and my left leg, which has zero feeling, and I walk with a cane at 39. It's no fun being slowed down and unbearable pain everyday. Today I stopped in to have myself checked out, I came in using my cane, left walking on my own. I'm not in pain, I can also feel my leg and my legs' motor skills have returned fully. Not to be able to use a body part is really rough but to have its abilities return is priceless...Today a true miracle took place because of Dr. Peterson...I'm able to stand fully upright for so long. I couldn't but now I can...Thank you soo soo much for freeing me from this!!!"

Louis C.

"I woke up with extreme pain in one of my shoulder blades I called in, and Dr. Peterson saw me on the same day. She would adjust me and then ask how I felt, and when I said it still hurt she would try something else. I was in her office for an hour but by the time I walked out my pain was greatly reduced. I will go back and use her again."

Virginia H.

"Dr Mary Peterson is the best: competent, caring, consistent, communicative, and corrective. She is the market leader among chiropractors in Sparks and Reno. Reach out to her today for competent tender-loving-care. You will enjoy All About Health Chiropractic in Sparks!"

David H.

"Dr. Peterson is a thorough chiropractor."

LaRena F.

"At All About Health Chiropractic in Sparks getting my body cracked by the most amazing lady in the world!!!!"

Dana G.

"Dr. Mary of All About Health Chiropractic in Sparks is absolutely the best! I felt relief immediately! After several Physicians, diagnostic tests, 8 months of treatment and thousands of dollars spent with zero relief, Dr. Mary did on my first visit! I am so grateful!"

Mary V.

"Dr. Mary Peterson of All About Health Chiropractic in Sparks, NV has been my chiropractor for over 20 years. When we first met I was in pretty bad shape. She got me back on track and made the pain go away. Every now and then I go back for maintenance. She truly cares for each and every patient as family."

Lesley H.

"Dr. Mary is a remarkable chiropractor. She has relieved me of several aches and pains. I have found her adjustments to be gentle yet profoundly healing. She takes plenty of time to allow the body to respond to her treatments. All About Health Chiropractic in Sparks is the place to go!"

Michelle B.

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